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Recovery Network is a subsidiary or University Psychological Center, Inc. UPC, Inc. is a private mental health and substance abuse organization that has provided a full range of psychiatric and addiction services in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area since 1976

Recovery Network is a comprehensive addictions treatment center that offers services to those who are in all stages of recovery. We believe that comprehensive and intensive treatment can arrest the disease and help the afflicted and their families return to a healthy lifestyle. Staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of certified counselors, licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and allied health professionals, Recovery Network offers four levels of care: Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Residential services at both the III.1 and III.3 ASAM Intensity Levels, plus a certified DUI/DWI program. We have over 100 halfway house beds for both short and long-term care in treating males, females, and women with children. Depending upon clinical need, Recovery Network offers twenty-five core program services.

“Our mission is to provide a continuum of evidence based substance abuse, mental health and case management practices, which expedite bio-psychosocial stabilization and then re-entry into the community for all persons regardless of age, race, creed, sexual preference, gender identity, or socio-economic status.”

Recovery Network believes that chemical dependency and addictive behaviors are chronic and progressive diseases; therefore, treatment requires the recognition that relapses are common. Effective treatment requires abstinence from all chemicals, with the exception of prescribed psychotropic medication, methadone, buprenorphine, and any other medically prescribed medications. Temporary use of a prescribed opiate based medication is acceptable in rare circumstances. Abstinence, however, is not the only goal of treatment. Restoration of “adequate ego strength” is essential to enable the afflicted to once again cope with life, as well as reconstituting occupational, social, and family functioning.

Recovery Network offers a full range of treatment services to a diverse population. We are evolving into a ‘one-stop-shop” for persons seeking services, in that individuals can begin and end with our program without having to go outside of the scope and perimeter of our facility location.

Recovery Network has adopted the R.O.S.C. (Recovery Oriented Systems of Care) approach to treatment. Our combination of halfway houses, IOP, mental health, psyciatric, family ,and community services have proven to be an effective and intergartive treatment intervention