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We are a state certified and nationally accredited integrated behavioral health program that offers substance abuse and mental health services in the Baltimore-Washington area since 1976.


Find the courage to change.

*The Downtown Baltimore (Charles Street) Office is now closed. We will be utilizing telehealth services and our North Baltimore and College Park offices as primary points for patient care.
UPCRN's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response
The Executive Leadership Team of University Psychological Center, Inc. / Recovery Network upholds the health and safety of our staff, patients and community members as top priority.  We have been monitoring the International Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns closely and developed a response.  With your help and commitment, we will be able to maintain the safe space we have worked diligently to create while limiting disruption in services.  We are taking precautions and following state requests for social distancing for a limited period of time, but still encouraging therapy and support through telehealth!
We are following our Infection Control Policy and Procedures with increased cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities, limiting outside visitations, reducing unnecessary travel, and encouraging patients to utilize for ongoing care.
University Psychological Center and Recovery Network Staff are here to support you through these unprecedented times. Please join in on the supportive network provided through telehealth and ongoing care in your own home.  Our staff will be reaching out to actively scheduled patients to offer setup information and updated appointment times. 
While residential programs are under reduced movement and travel, UPC/RN is still open for residential admissions. 
If anyone has fever above 100.4, flu-like symptoms, or other respiratory symptoms involving shortness of breath or cough w/ phlegm, they should seek telehealth options for treatment as they may not be eligible for residential admission at this time. 
Outpatient's - Please notify admin staff over the phone if any of the below apply:
1)  Have you traveled in the last 21-days?
2)  Has the person had any known exposure to COVID-19, the flu, visited or stayed in any long-term care facilities, or been to any high-risk areas?
3) Have a fever above 100.4 high
Thank you for your understanding and assistance in implementing our health and safety protocols!

Recovery Network and University Psychological Center come together to provide you a unique opportunity for integrated treatment for those who are facing co-occurring and/or behavioral health disorders. Our clinical team of counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and allied-health professionals aim to inspire inner healing, providing a state-certified blend of mental health and addiction services. Through individualized care, we encourage patients to achieve their own personal goals, guiding them to a better quality of life. We will coordinate with you to make sure a person in the midst of change has a safe, supportive transition. We appreciate your interest in Recovery Network and UPC, Inc. as trusted providers of comprehensive co-occurring behavioral health treatment.
Mission Statement
“The mission of University Psychological Center, Inc. – dba, Recovery Network, is to foster a treatment environment that is both responsive and respectful to patients and families while providing a culturally competent continuum of evidence based substance abuse, mental health and case management practices, which expedite bio-psychosocial stabilization and re-entry into the community. The program’s goal of cultural awareness, or understanding the influences of patients social and cultural norms as it relates to behaviors and treatment, and cultural competence, as it relates to all persons served regardless of age, race, creed, sexual preference, gender identity, or socio-economic status.”
Vision Statement
“University Psychological Center, Inc. – dba, Recovery Network’s vision is to promote change, growth, and wellness to individuals and families in the community.”
Core Values
  • Integrity- Ethical Care with Sound Construction
  • Diversity- Cultural Competencies with the Promotion of Inclusion and Diversity
  • Civility- Interactions of Staff and Patients are Professional, Respectful, and Courteous
  • Innovation- Blending Traditional and New-Age Methodologies for Integration of Care
  • Excellence- Constant Pursuit of Excellence
Coming Soon, CARF Accreditation process. Click here to learn more! 
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