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Residential Programs

Level III.3

Level III.1

     Level III.I residential treatment provides 24/7 monitoring in a safe and structured environment aimed at promoting personal responsibility and reintegration into the community. This level of care provides at least 5 hours per week of low intensity residential treatment through individual and group therapy with a specific focus on relapse prevention and life skills.


Level III.3 programs provide 24/7 monitoring in a safe and structured environment. The treatment team provides 20-35 hours of services in the form of individual and group counseling in the residential program. The level III.3 model of treatment allows individuals to recover in a more structured environment with a slower-paced approach to treatment. Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse needs may be best fit for this level of care.

Clinically Managed Low Intensity Residential Services

Clinically Managed Medium Intensity Residential Services


We offer specialized treatment for males, females, women with children, and those who identify as transgender.


Recovery Network’s residential program is an intensive 6-12 month treatment program. Each facility is a structured recovery environment and is staffed 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Individuals placed in residential care are in need of a safe and stable environment conducive to their recovery process. Services are provided both in the individual houses as well as Recovery Network’s main clinical office. Our program is based on the disease concept of chemical dependency, as well as twelve-step recovery programs. The primary goal for each patient is re-entry back into the community. Residential treatment includes an in-depth bio-psychosocial assessment and treatment planning; individual and group counseling; dual diagnosis evaluation and treatment; referrals for rehabilitation and educational training; coordination of aftercare treatment services; and assistance in utilization of community resources for employment, medical or legal issues.

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