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Recovery Network & UPC Staff

Executive Management

Clark J. Hudak, PhD., CEO

Bryce Hudak, LCSW-C, Director of Clinical Services



Christina Boone, SHRM-CP, Administrative Director

Amanda McCarty, Administrative Supervisor

Pamela Cooper, Bookkeeper

Robin Woodell, Compliance Officer

Elizabeth Fisher, Administrative Support


Barbara Trovinger, Billing Coordinator


Michelle Eddings, Facilities Manager

Phillip Lipscomb, Inventory

College Park


Kyra Davis, Administrative Supervisor

Emily Pruett, Human Resources Coordinator


Ahmad Khan, M.D.

Bert Nayfack, M.D.

Rochelle Austrian, PhD

David Forbes, CRNP

Kristina Gilbertson, LCSW-C

Cynthia Forker, LCSW-C

Safoura Moraveji, LCSW-C

Adelaide Ayukegba, LMSW

Paul Richardson, LMSW


Bert Nayfack, M.D., Medical Director

Lorena Lues, LMSW, CPRP, Clinical Director

Rose Weinschenk, CPRP, PRP Director

Wayne Charles, BS, CAC-AD-S, Clinical Supervisor

Alia Merraro, LCPC, Clinical Supervisor

Sean Augustus, LBSW, CSC-AD, Admissions Director

Linda Robinson, CSC-AD, 3.3 Program Director

Courtney Shaver, CSC-AD, Women & Children's Program Director

James Luciuk, CRNP

Ashley Lucas, CRNP

Amanda Schlossberg, LCPC

Robert Barnes, LMSW

Lori Jones, LMSW

Laina Santamaria, LMSW

Jacob Reeb, LBSW, Counselor

Maxine Gray, CSC-AD, Counselor

Karen Hardy, CSC-AD, Counselor

Lassiter Miller, AA, CSC-AD, Counselor

Megan Sima, AA, ADT, Counselor

Thomas Glass, PhD, ADT Counselor

Jennifer Austin, LPN

Cheryl Duncan, PRP Direct Care Staff

Greta Chapman, PRP Direct Care Staff

Karen Jackson, CPRS, Peer Supervisor

Michael Gordon, CAC-AD, SUD Group Facilitator

Bonnie Hudak, M.Ed Parenting Education

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