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Strategic Plan

  • Regulatory Standards - UPC, Inc. is dedicated to adhering to local and state regulatory standards. UPC, Inc. became licensed under COMAR 10.63 in October 2017 in preparation for the April 1, 2018 deadline of accreditation based licensure.

  • Quality Care - UPC, Inc. has made a commitment to aspire for excellence through ongoing conformance to accreditation standards outlined by CARF International. UPC, Inc. will be surveyed for re-accreditation in the fall/winter of 2018.

  • Integration and Collaboration - UPC, Inc. believes in promoting and strengthening current integration and collaboration across treatment programs, including: substance abuse, mental health, psychiatric rehabilitation and case management, residential programs, and other support services. UPC, Inc. has increased team meetings twofold in 2018 with the goal of increasing multidisciplinary treatment planning with persons served.

  • Program Development - UPC, Inc. is in process of developing and implementing a medical model of treatment into existing behavioral health programs. UPC, Inc. is expected to provide Primary Care services in Spring 2019.

  • Recruitment - UPC, Inc. is committed to providing the highest standards of care and therefore continues to recruit direct care and support personnel through hiring of quality Physicians and Prescriber's, SUD counselors, MH therapists, PRP direct care, Peer Support or Peer Recovery Advocates, and Administrative and Billing Support staff.

  • Training and Development - UPC, Inc. believes in ongoing training and development for all staff to meet the growing needs of persons served, their families, and the community as a whole. Therefore, UPC, Inc. continues to expand on its training curriculum to promote individualized and quality care, health and safety, cultural competency and diversity, innovative interventions and evidenced-based practices that are in line with the mission and standards set forth by UPC, Inc.

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