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Recovery Network, a subsidary of University Psychological Center, Inc. offers five levels of care: Outpatient (I.I), Intensive Outpatient (II.I), Residential services at both the III.1 and III.3 ASAM Intensity Levels, Transitional/Supportive Housing, plus a certified DUI/DWI program. We have over 100 halfway house beds for both short and long-term care in treating males, females, women with children, and those who identify as transgender. Depending upon clinical need, Recovery Network offers twenty-five core program services.

Outpatient and Specialty Services

Level I.1

Traditional Outpatient

Traditional outpatient counseling is provided in the form of individual, group, or a mixture of these service types to assist individuals in meeting their own recovery goals. This level of care is designed for individuals in early recovery who need additional support, education, and treatment, but do not need the structured support provided in an intensive outpatient program.

Level II.1 Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient treatment is identified as between 9 and 12 hours of intensive outpatient treatment consisting of primarily group and individual counseling. Patients are expected to attend group three to four times per week in a structured treatment setting. This level of care is provided to those who may be at higher risk for relapse and need more support and structure than can be provided in traditional outpatient treatment.

Aftercare treatment is provided to those individuals who have completed inpatient or IOP treatment. The focus of this program is on continuing relapse prevention and maintaining positive coping skills. Individual and group therapy are primary treatment modalities. Patients typically attend group therapy 1x/week, although this could vary depending on patient needs and the recommendations of counselor.

Alcoholism and drug abuse have devastating effects on everyone closest to the addict. We believe that recovery from addiction is most successful when the family is involved in treatment. The following services are available to those families willing to participate in a patient’s treatment:


  - Family Education

  - Family Therapy

  - Couples Counseling

  - Multi-Family Group Meetings

  - Counseling for Significant Others

  - Introduction to 12-Step Programs

  - Referral to Al-Anon and Alateen

  - Co-Dependency Groups

  - Parenting Education

Family Programs

- Court Approved DUI and DWI Programs

- 12-Week Social Drinker Program

- 26 Week Problem Drinker Program

- Expert Witness and Testimony

- Urinalysis Monitoring

- Liaison Consultation to Probation Offices

DUI Program/Forensic Services

Aftercare Services

Recovery Network’s buprenorphine program can be offered to individuals with a history of opiate dependence and are unable to maintain sobriety with traditional counseling services. All individuals who participate in the suboxone/buprenorphine must also be enrolled and compliant in the Level I.I, II.I, III.I, or III.3 programs listed above.

Medication Assisted Treatment Suboxone/Buprenorphine

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